Wednesday, January 17th, 2018


Please take a look at the services I offer below.  These are the services I mainly offer to clients and are considered my ‘bread and butter’.  Every now and then I will get a special request that is not listed below, so if you have inquiries about any services, please feel free to contact me directly and talk about your project.  I have a pretty high conversion rate of clients I consult with and projects I have completed for them after we consulted.

Web Development

  • Customized Responsive Web Design & Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Content Management System Driven Sites
  • Email Template Creation
  • Blogs
  • E-Commerce

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Graphics
  • Motion Graphics for Video
  • Banner / Sign Design

Maintenance / Training

I will provide the opportunity to train my clients on maintaining their blog.  This will automatically be factored into the price of the project unless the client wants me to continue to update there website.  I will offer them the best maintenance package on a monthly or annual payment basis.

Quality Assurance / Testing

I guarantee quality, professional work and carry on every project like it was my very own.  In a way, each project is a representation of myself since it will become a part of my portfolio.  For this reason, I test…test…and test your website, blog, or application for kinks.  I also pay close attention to detail and quality of the graphics I produce to make sure they are optimized at the correct resolution to reduce browser loading time.

Customer Service

I believe highly in treating a person how you like to be treated.  I’m rarely unavailable when my clients request to meet with me and am flexible when it comes to scheduling meetings.  I also feel that if I treat my clients with respect and complete their request in a timely fashion that I will in return keep my clients.


First consultation meeting is free to meet clients and get to know little about them and their project.  The rest of the meetings are factored into the price of the project.  If you desire an initial consultation about a project please feel to fill out the form on the contact page.  I will not give quotes over the phone until I have met you and talked about your project.  Every project is different and requires a certain approach or amount of time and detail.