Click around and play with my interactive flash applicaitons and custom flash video applications.

Dynamic Carousel Mini Flash Site

Use of actionscript, xml file, and files in a folder. Created 3D spinning carousel of icons with tool tips as you roll over them. Each icon describes a section of Squish Designs Content Management System. Used XML to dynamically load icons, tool tip, and content when icon gets clicked on. Heavy use of actionscript to create carousel spinning affect, speed of spining, basically everything you see was created through actionscript. Not one image is on a layer or frame. Pretty impressive.

Software: Flash, XML, Actionscript

Dynamic Custom Video Player / XML Video Playlist

Created Custom Video Player from scratch. Created Pause/Play button, rewind to beginning, video scrubber and buffer, mute button and Video screen using actionscript. Created Video Playlist and dynamically loaded play list and video into appropriate places. Totally dynamic all a client would have to do is update the FLV location and xml to FLV. This video application is 100% customized and would make a fit for higher end rich media applications

Software: Flash, XML, Actionscript

Flash Video Accordian Application

Use of the Flash Accordian Component and actionscript to dynamically load and stream video.

Software: Flash, Actionscript

Flash Animated Header or Intro

Example of an animated Intro created in AdobeAfter Effects. Exported as vector files to keep file size low. Then imported in Flash movie clip to create frame by frame animation.

Software: After Effects and Flash

Flash Accordian Effect loaded with movie clips

Use of Flash Accordian Component to have lots of information that can be revealed and colapsed with a simple click. Inside Accordian panels are examles of a scrolling thumbnail effect created with flash and actionscript; a calendar component that has todays date selected and also will display any date you click on in a text field; and also a dynamic image and caption gallery affect which allows you to go through an xml file and load in captions and images, and allows users to click next or previous til it reaches the end or beginning.

Software: Flash, XML, Actionscript,

Dynamic XML Slideshow with Dynamic Buttons, Captions, and URL Links

Created a totally dynamic application used to cipher through events and slideshow. Create XML file to hold values for captions, images, and URLs. Created an Array using actionscript to hold and manipulate dynamic data. Used actionscript to create an email form as well. Flash will serve as the highlight piece on an upcoming website created by Ser Green Enterprises. Project for Ser Green Enterprises

Software: Flash, XML, Actionscript,